Distinguished Persons with Portuguese ancestry, by field of endeavor

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Science, Medicine, & Engineering


*Steve Abrantes **, Inventor wool carding & combing, Providence, 1940's
*Tania Alexandra Afonso, MD, UMDNJ, Portuguese Parents
*Dr. Roy Almeida, Biologist Spokane, Washington, Father from Castelo Branco
*Dr. Francisco Medeiros do Amaral, Clinic Director, WWII Factory B-36 Bomber made
*Joseph Amaral, MD, FACS, Director, Minimally Invasive Surgery, Brown University Medical School
*John Andrews (João André) **, Inventor water fuel car, Pittsburg, 1916
*Angelo Cardoso, Ph. D., Cancer Researcher, Dana Farber Inst, Boston, MA
*Vitor Cardoso, Engineer, Lucent Tech., New Jersey Community
*Helena Carvalho, M.D., Graduated 2003 in Gynecology, Miami U. FL, Portuguese Parents
*Joaquim Correia, MD, Saint James Hospital, Newark, NJ – 2003, Harvard College, NYU School of Medicine
*José Pacheco Correia **, Inventor electric needle machine, São Miguel, New Bedford
*Andrea Camacho Cruz, Ph. D., U. Hartford; Psychology Vet Med, NJ., Portuguese Parents
*Anthony M. Coelho Jr., Ph.D., President and CEO Grant Success Associates, Inc., Portuguese ancestry
*Burke Cunha, MD, Contagious Diseases Director, Hospital Univ. Long Island, NY
*Gregory Curt, MD, Medical Doctor, Washington, DC
*Antonio Damasio, MD, Neurology, Golden Prize 1995, Iowa, born in Portugal
*Sebastião Luiz Dias, Inventor irrigation system, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
*M.M. Enos, Former head of Portuguese Association of the Portuguese Hospital of St. Anthony, Portuguese Ancestry
*Carlos Fernandes, MD, St. John's Hospital Director, San Francisco, CA
*David Fernandes, MD, Long Island Hospital, Pediatrician, Son of Madeirans
*José dos Santos Fernandes **, Inventor stable cleaner, New York, 1940's
*Mathias Figueira, MD, Founder American College Surgeons, NY 1853-1930 Physician, from Madeira
*Mario Gomes, MD, Surgeon, generic research, Georgetown University Hospital, DC
*David Gouveia, M.D., F.A.C.S., Surgeon, Morton Hospital, Taunton, MA
*Abilio da Silva Greaves **, Inventor Thermo phone Fire Alarm, Boston, Born in Faial
*Padre Antonio Gomes Himalaya, Portuguese Priest /Inventor, Solar Furnace, 1904 World's fair Missouri (1867-1933)
*Mario M. Leitao, Jr., FACOG, Obstetrics and Gynecology; Gynecologic Oncology, University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey - Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
*José P. Lobo, MD, Univ. Lisbon, Harvard, Pan-American Hospital, NY, Born Goa, India - Newark, NJ
*Rogerio Lobo, MD, Gynecologist, Manhattan, New York
*John C. Lobato **, Engineer, Inventor, Airplane-Dir-Helic., New Jersey in the 1920's, from Madeira
*John Lopes, MD, Scientist, Cancer research at Michigan, Wayne Univ., Born in Coimbra
*Joseph Loureiro, Ph. D., Biology Researcher, U.N.C., Chapel Hill
*Joe Lourenco, Inventor and author, (LA 2004), Born in Portugal
*Ruy V. Lourenço, MD, Dean N.J. Medical School, University of Lisbon
*Craig Mello, MD, Nobel Prize in Medicine, Portuguese ancestry, Azores 
*Ernest J. Moniz, Ph. D., Physics, Dept. of Energy, MIT, Stanford. Azores roots
*Marta Nunes, MD, research, Cornell University, New York, Born, Guarda, Portugal
*Tiago Fleming Outeiro, (Science & MP 2004), Scientist, MIT, Parkinson research, Portuguese Ancestry
*Paulo Pacheco, MD, cancer research, Cornell Medical Ctr, Brown Univ., Boston College, Azorean born
*Pedro Parente, Ph. D. Pharmacy, Rutgers U. New Brunswick, NJ, Born in Coimbra, Portugal
*David Pereira, MD, Orthopedic Surgeon, Manhattan, NY, Son of Beira Alta immigrants
*Dr. Manuel C. Pereira, Dr. Fall River, MA, born São Miguel, Açores
*Peter Pereira; MD, Poet-Writer, Portuguese ancestry, Seattle, WA
*Stephen Pereira, MD, Surgeon Medical, New Jersey, 1998
*George Perry, Ph. D., Azorean ancestry, Dean and Professor Pathology and Neurosciences, College of Sciences, U. Texas at San Antonio
*Ronald de Pinho, MD, Cancer Medical Researcher, NY, Biomedic Excellence Mellini Prize
*Ronald de Pinho, Cancer Research Specialist, President Cancer Center MD Anderson, Houston, Texas
*Rui Ponte, Oceanographic Scientist, MIT, Born in Pico, Azores, Portugal
*Miguel Ramalho-Santos, Ph.D., 2008 Innovator Award, Genetic Scientist, U of California, San Francisco, Biology Graduate, Coimbra University -Ph.D. Harvard 
*Manuel Valente dos Santos, Inventor, Suction Basket Forceps, Harrison, NJ
*Robert Shipley, Inventor, Electronic Engineer, California, Oakland, Rodrigues Family
*Dr. Angelo Taveira da Silva (Minho), Pulmonary diseases & ICU Medicine, Georgetown University Hospital
*Dr. José M. Silva, East Coast DMPK Group Johnson & Johnson, Born in Aveiro Portugal
*Manuel Luciano da Silva, MD, Historian/Researcher, Medical Doctor, RI
*Monica de Silva, MD, Surgeon, Rochester, NY, (MP 2004), Portuguese Ancestry
*Milton A. Silveira, Engineer, NASA - Azores & Brazil, McLean, VA - New Bedford, MA
*Rui Soeiro, MD, Cancer Research, Einstein Medical College
*Ivo Souza, Ph. D. Berkeley U. CA, Physics Prize George E. Vally, Born in Lisbon, Portugal
*Samuel Swart, MD, Radiology, Engineering, & Mech. Degree, Born Portugal, Providence, RI
*Stanley E. Teixeira, Structural Engineer, San Francisco, Portuguese Ancestry
*Lester L. Vargas, MD, Medicine, Cardiovascular Surgical, Portuguese Ancestry of Providence
*Manuela M. Veloso, School Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University, Portuguese Ancestry
*Caesar Ventura, Chemist Founder of NuBrite Paint Co., Dighton, Mass.
*Dr. Jeffrey Vieira, Medical Doctor, Contagious diseases, NBC, NY 1995
*Gilbert Vincent, Dentist, Activist Civil Cultural Charitable, Fall River, Mass.



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