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Fernando Andresen Guimarães (4120 bytes) Folklore Group (8403 bytes) Memphis Indian (India) Representative (3813 bytes)

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(1) Portugal Ambassador Fernando Andresen Guimarães in Washington and his wife with a Portuguese-American baby attending a gala festival in Memphis; (2) Folklore Group from St. Petersburg, FL and the Portuguese Ambassador and wife; (3) At the wine tasting: Ramiro Santos, Memphis Indian (India) Representative, and Victor Marques; (4) Fado del Rei Group from Portugal, sings and plays Portuguese music with celtic traditions--great success on Beale Street; (5) Portuguese Ambassador to the United Nations Antonio Monteiro and his wife with a Portuguese-American baby.



Filipa Pais (7189 bytes) m-wine.jpg (6980 bytes) Germantown Arts Center (7518 bytes)


Dr. Osvaldo Castro (6023 bytes)

(1) Fado singer Filipa Pais with Portuguese guitar player Antonio Chainho on the left, and Classic guitar player Pedro Nobrega on the right; (2) Carneiro Jacinto, Press attache, Embassy of Portugal; Victor Marques, Portuguese-American Chamber of Commerce in Atlanta; Dr. Osvaldo Castro, Portuguese Secretary of State and Commerce and his chief of staff Dr. Fialho Lopes; Ramiro Santos, Portuguese food coordinator for the Festival; (3) Germantown Arts Center where the Portuguese Ballet Gulbenkian performed. Eng. Vital Morgado from the Portuguese Trade Mission in New York with Lurdes Mira and Victor Marques; (4) Portuguese Secretary of State Dr. Osvaldo Castro with two tourists wearing the Portugal T-shirt designed by the Memphis in May festival organization. Notice the Portuguese caravel.

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