“Quem descobriu os Açores, afinal?”

Manipulation of Congressional Districts

By: Joao Ferreira


$1.5 million Portuguese-American Archives Endowment

Portugal through the Eyes of a Spanish Journalist

The Cod Fish the loyal friend of the Portuguese people, may be in danger

Portuguese-American literature comes of age - By FRANK F. SOUSA


Artist or not?

John Mattos of Portuguese heritage living near Modesto, California, doesn't think of himself as an artist, and to be sure, few artists sell their works to millions of people at 39 cents apiece.

Artist or not, the Chinatown resident's latest piece is destined to be seen the nation over. His letter-perfect rendition of a female skier bending into a slalom gate is the U.S. Postal Service's official commemorative stamp for the 2006 Winter Olympics, which began Friday in Turin, Italy.

When asked, the 53-year-old Mattos gladly sticks one of his stamps in the center of a sheet of paper and signs, "One of 60 million."

Although Mattos' name is nowhere to be seen on the stamp, designing one of these self-adhesive perforated rectangles is a big deal for an artist or, as Mattos prefers to think of himself, an illustrator. Mattos said on his entry to a six-member committee chosen by the Postal Service, "I would consider it the greatest honor of my career to illustrate a postage stamp."

Not bad for a kid who grew up outside Modesto and whose first paying gig was a sequence of panels promoting an auto body shop. Perhaps presaging his Olympic-themed stamp, Mattos won the gold medal in 2003 from the New York Society of Illustrators from among 10,000 entries.
(see more on http://www.modbee.com) via Elmano Costa


The Kissing Sailor is Portuguese. It had to be!

A team of award winning scientists from the Mitsubishi Electric Research Lab (MERL) in Cambridge, MA, using leading-edge 3D face scanning technology is helping to solve a 60 year-old mystery. This in combination with expert photographic analysis is providing compelling evidence that points to George Mendonsa, a native of Newport, Rhode Island as the Kissing Sailor in the famous 1945 Life Magazine photograph that captured the elation and relief of the nation after four years of loss and sacrifice in WWII.

george mendonsa
kissing sailor


Do you know about the book "Lincoln's Foreign Legion'"?

This was a regiment in the American Civil War which was composed of non-English speaking volunteers from New York City. There were 10 companys of 120 men each, 4 companies were Germany, 1 ws Bohemian, 1 was Hungarian, 1 Italian, 1 Swiss, 1 French and 1 of Spaniards and Portuguese soldiers.

I think you will find it quite interesting. Check amazon.com to purchase a copy.


House passes Nunes resolution honoring Portugal July 14, 2004

WASHINGTON, D.C.- The House of Representatives today passed a resolution authored by Rep. Devin Nunes honoring the government of Portugal and its people for its long-standing friendship and support of the United States.
Rep. Nunes submitted the resolution on behalf of himself, as well as Rep. Richard Pombo, R-Tracy, and Rep. Dennis Cardoza, D-Merced. The three congressmen are of Portuguese descent.
The resolution praises Portugal for being a "devout, resolute, and steadfast ally of the United States" in peace time and in armed conflict.
"The Portuguese people have committed a full array of their country's resources to fight the terrorist threat all over the world," Nunes' resolution said. "At the request of the United States and within the framework of the United Nations Security Council resolutions, Portugal has sent brave soldiers, medical teams, police, flight crews, and other military personnel to Iraq.
"The Democratic principles and ideals that Portugal and the United States share have formed the basis of an enduring friendship which has stood the test of time," the resolution stated.
Rep. Nunes explained his reason for submitting the resolution.
"In a time when alliances between the United States and its allies in the rest of the world are being put to the test in the war on terror, it's important to recognize those countries who continue to stand by the US," Rep. Nunes said.

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