From the University of New Hampshire. Portuguese Studies Review, Volume VIII, N° 1: This book contains several articles related to Portugal and the Portuguese. It is published by the International Conference Group on Portugal, Department of History HSSC 408, Durham, New Hampshire 03824, USA. Phone (603) 862-3018.
There are two articles of particular interest. One was written by Stephanie J. Malonie, an Archaeologist working on a Roman Villa in Alentejo, Portugal for the last 18 years. The other article is a book review of "The Forgotten Portuguese" by UNC/Chapel Hill Professor Guldbrandsen.
From the Center for Portuguese Studies: These books are published by the Center for Portuguese Studies, University of California, Phelps Hall, Santa Barbara, CA 93106-4150, (805) 893-4405.
Santa Barbara Portuguese Studies, Vol. I: 1994, 294 pages, $18.
Santa Barbara Portuguese Studies, Vol. II: 1995, 220 pages, $18.
Santa Barbara Portuguese Studies, Vol. III: 1996, 328 pages, $20.
Santa Barbara Portuguese Studies, Vol. IV: 1997, 288 pages, $20.
Proceedings of the International Colloquium on The Portuguese and the Pacific, UC-Santa Barbara, October 1993. Edited by Francis A. Dutra & João Camilo dos Santos, 452 pages, $25.
Studies on Jorge de Sena by His Colleagues and Friends, Proceedings of the Colloquium in Memory of Jorge de Sena, UC-SB, April 6-7, 1979. Edited by Harvey L. Sharrer & Frederick G. Williams, 275 pages.
Carlos Drummond de Andrade and His Generation, Proceedings of the Colloquium held at the UC-SB, April 24-25, 1981. Edited by Frederick G. Williams & Sergio Pachá, 242 pages.
Camoniana Californiana, Commemorating the Quadricentennial of the Death of Luís Vaz de Camões, Proceedings of the Colloquium held at the UC-SB, April 25-26, 1980. Edited by Maria de Lourdes Belchior & Enrique Martínez-López, 266 pages.
The Baron by Branquinho da Fonseca. Edited, translated and with an Introduction by Francisco Cota Fagundes, 62 pages, $10.
In the Beginning There Was Jorge de Sena's GENESIS: The Birth of a Writer, by Francisco Cota Fagundes, 218 pages.
The Evidences by Jorge de Sena, a bilingual edition. Poems translated from the Portuguese by Phyllis Sterling Smith, 60 pages, $10.
O Amor das Letras e das Gentes, In honor of Maria de Lourdes Belchior Pontes. Edited by João Camilo dos Santos & Frederick G. Williams, 500 pages, $25.
Recently published books by Peregrinação Publications: These books are available from Peregrinacao Publications, Inc., 36 Brayton Ave., East Providence, RI 02916 USA.
Cantigas ao Desafio, na Diáspora: Recolhidas nos Estados Unidos em 1999, Grupo Amigos da Terreira, Inc., edited by José Brites. 96 pages, $12.95.
Portugueses na América do Norte, edited by Eduardo Mayone Dias. 192 pagaes, $18.00.
De Casa Para o Inferno, Livro II da trilogia, a novel by José Brites. 192 pages, $18.00.
Portugal's Secret Jews: the end of an era, by Eduardo Mayone Dias. 106 pages, $13.95.
Melungeons: And Other Pioneer Families by Jack H. Goins: A foremost Melungeon researcher and descendant has written an excellent fact-filled book about early Melungeon families and their neighbors. Goins documents their history from Hancock County back to North Carolina and Virginia. Many family stories are sprinkled throughout. This volume has document photos, abstractions, family photos, and oral stories you won't find in print anywhere else. 209 pp., 6 x 9, softcover. $17.95 from the author:
The Portuguese in the Old West; Land, As Far As the Eye Can See: Portuguese in the Old Wes: New Book about 19th century Portuguese pioneers is Land, California State University at Hayward; Professors Donald Warrin and Geoffrey Gomes are the authors of a book be released in early January 2001 by the publisher, Arthur H. Clark Co. of Spokane, WA. Donald Warrin is professor emeritus of Portuguese at California State University at Hayward, and Geoffrey L. Gomes is director of the foreign language laboratory at California State University at Hayward as well as an instructor of history and political science at Chabot College. The publishing house Arthur H. Clark Co. in Spokane, Washington. These two researchers have put together valuable and unknown pieces of history in the old west as lived by the Portuguese pioneers. is accepting orders. Richard Orsi, California History editor wrote: The Portuguese pioneered everywhere on the western frontier. Their stories - emblematic of the successful lives built by countless enterprising immigrants - has never been told, that is not until this sensitive, path breaking book.  
New Book about the Portuguese in Vietnam: Eduardo Mayone Dias (Lisbon, Portugal & Los Angeles, California), and Adalino Cabral (Saint Michael, Azores & Boston, Massachusetts) have recently completed writing a book, in Portuguese, on the experience of Portuguese immigrants in the Vietnam War -- Portugueses na Guerra do Vietname (Portuguese in the Vietnam War). The work, which includes interviews with immigrants who served in the United States Army, Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps in the 1960's and 70's, is currently with the publisher and will be available in November 2000 from: Peregrinacao Publications, Inc., 36 Brayton Ave., East Providence, RI 02916 USA. (Website: 
Em Português: Eduardo Mayone Dias (Lisboa, Portugal & Los Angeles, California), e Adalino Cabral (São Miguel, Açores & Boston, Massachusetts) acabam de escrever um livro, em português, que trata das experiencias de imigrantes portugueses que serviram na Guerra do Vietname Tem por titulo Portugueses na Guerra do Vietname. A obra inclue entrevistas com imigrantes que serviram no Exercito, Forca Aerea, Marinha de Guerra e Corpo de Fuzileiros Navais dos Estados Unidos durante as decadas de 60 e 70. Está marcado o seu lançamento para o dia 18 de Novembro de 2000. Peregrinação Publications, Inc., 36 Brayton Ave., East Providence, RI 02916 USA. The following is the book review in Portuguese:
Comunidades/EUA: Portugueses no Vietname em livro de "emoções" e "traumas."
Por Ana Folhas de Oliveira, da Agência Lusa
Lisboa, 29 Mar (Lusa) - Portugueses no Vietname é o nome de um livro que revela emoções, medos e traumas de emigrantes que, por estarem radicados nos EUA, combateram e fisicamente "sobreviveram" à guerra que ainda hoje não os deixa dormir.
Eduardo Mayone Dias, professor, e Adalino Cabral, ex-combatente, também residentes nos EUA, assinam a obra com publicação inicialmente prevista para Abril, mas que o vazio de apoios fez adiar para Novembro, apadrinhado pela editora luso-americana Peregrinação Publications.
Pela primeira vez são revelados testemunhos de portugueses que combateram na guerra do Vietname, incluindo o próprio depoimento de Adalino Cabral, mas em forma de prefácio.     O livro, feito de conversas e cenários de guerra, mostra 16 depoimentos recolhidos pelos autores ao longo de vários anos e que acabou por se transformar num trabalho que na realidade começou com a guerra vietnamita.      Histórias de horrores, medos e traumas que ficaram para sempre são contados na primeira pessoa com Mayone Dias e Adalino Cabral a tentarem ser fiéis ao discurso oral, para "proporcionar ao texto a maior naturalidade possível".



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