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PAHR Foundation Library receives on a regular basis, books about the Portuguese in America and Portugal. Our Library is being enriched by these donations. A Library is planed for the future which will contain valuable books and research notes made by the author of three books about the Portuguese in America since the 15th century. We extend our thanks to the authors and publishers for donating their books.

The following are the ones received more recently:

  1. World Sea Power 1139-1521 by Saturnino Monteiro world sea power
    The author is a retired Captain of the Portuguese Navy. “Revista da Marinha” stated that the book makes very pleasant reading even for those not necessarily interested in sea battles. Furthermore it does not limit itself to report the battles won by the Portuguese but also their defeats, as they were bound to happen. A book we recommend to our readers interested in sea matters.
  2. The Dabney’s in the Azores. Uma Familia Americana by Maria Filomena Monica. Publiished by Tinta da China and spondored by the FLAD in Portugal. FLAD is the Luso-American Foundation for Development. This is a history of an American Diplomat that lived in the island of Faial, Azores since the early 1800’s. The book is not a fiction book and is based in actual facts.
  3. Portuguese Studies Reviw. This is a regular publishing  series with many articles written by Scholars. The books are published by the Trent University Portuguese Studies Review in Peterborough, Ontario Canada. The chief editor is Ivana Elbl, Associate Editors are  Timothy Coates, Antonio Costa Pinto, José Curto. Also name is Douglas Wheeler as the Editor Emeritus.
  4. First Global Society, How Portuggal Changed the World by Martin Page. Sponorded by Flad and Fundação Oriente. It is  published by Casa das Letras in Portugal.
  5. Fala Yael, Castelo de Vide, Os Judeus e a Inquisição. Written by Ana Bela dos Santos. Published by Orfeu from Bruxelles, Belgium.
  6. Mirandês – Portiuguês, Pequeno Vocabulário. Written by Moisés Pires and published by the Câmara Municipal de Miranda do Douro
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    portuguese tableThe New Portuguese Table by David Leite
    Exciting flavors from Europe's Western Coast


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  9. Da Gama, Cary Grant and the election of 1934 by Charles Reis Felix.

    This book is published by the University of Dartmouth, MA as part of the POortuguese in the Americas Series. Frank E. Sousa is the General Editor and Gina M. Reis as the Editorial manager. (greis@umassd.ed) The publication was made possible by the Luso-American Foundation. (FLAD) and is available from

    Antonio de Mattos and the Protestant Portuguese Community in Antebellum, Illinois, by David J. Langum, a professor of law at Samford University in Alabama. Mr. Langum is a descendant of Rev. Antonio de Mattos (1822-1891) a leading figure among the Madeira Exiles-converts to Presbyterianism who fled religious persecution in Madeira, their homeland. The book is available from Morgan County Historical Society, P.O. Box 913, Jacksonville, IL 62651.

  10. Situada em pleno Centro Histórico de Sintra, classificado Património Mundial pela UNESCO, a Quinta da Regaleira é um lugar com espírito próprio. Edificado nos primórdios do Século XX, ao sabor do ideário romântico, este fascinante conjunto de construções, nascendo abruptadamente no meio da floresta luxuriante, é o resultado da concretização dos sonhos mito-mágicos do seu proprietário, António Augusto Carvalho Monteiro (1848-1920), aliados ao talento do arquitecto-cenógrafo italiano Luigi Manini (1848-1936).

    Cristóvão Colombo na Quinta da Regaleira

    A Alagamares e a tertúlia literária Meninos da Avó levaram a cabo hoje, 31 de Maio 2006, na Quinta da Regaleira, uma sessão de apresentação do livro de Manuel Luciano da Silva e Sílvia Jorge da Silva Cristóvão Colon [Colombo] era Português.









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