Distinguished Persons with Portuguese ancestry, by field of endeavor

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*Chris Amadeu Botelho, Chief Master Sergeant (E-9) Born in S. Miguel, Azores
*Charles Braga (Bridge named in MA), U.S. Navy, was killed at Pearl Harbor Dec. 7, 1941
*Lt. Colonel Mario Carmo, USMC Marines
*Lt. Col. John Marques Constantino, RI Army National Guard, Cumberland, Rhode Island
*Manuel Nunes Coutinho, World War II - Pacific Decorated Veteran, Lisbon, community activist, sports, awards
*Ronald Cruz (Ret.), Colonel USMC, President PALCUS, Washington, DC
*MG John R. D'Araujo Jr., Deputy Director of FEMA (Director of Recovery Operations) in Washington D.C, Hawaii, Azores, Madeira ancestors
*Captain Lieutenant John De Meneses, American Revolutionary War, New Jersey, Portuguese
*James Francis Dias, Brig. General of the US Army Reserve, Newport, Rhode Island
*Ralph Ellis Dias, Private First Class, US Marine Corps in Vietnam, Congressional Medal of Honor
*Mary Ann Faias, Lieutenant Colonel, Graduate, Seton Hall University
*Peter Francisco, American Revolution Patriot, Portuguese Ancestry
*Harold Gonsalves, Private First Class – WWII, Congressional Medal of Honor
*Walter Goulart, Soldier, 1st American to die in WWI, France
*Alberto Silveira Leonardo, Major, US Marine Corps, Modesto, CA, born Azores in 1949
*Paul Edwin Lima, Major General, U. S. Army, Dorchester, Massachusetts, ancestry, Azores, Sao Miguel
*Colonel Dr. Joseph Lopes, ROTC Hall of Fame, Milford, MA, Portuguese ancestry
*Manuel Anthony Machado, Jr., Army Veteran, Vietnam War, Purple Heart , Portuguese ancestry
*Roger Machado, 1st Sergeant USMC, WW II, Korea, New York, Albany
*Raleigh Medeiros, San Diego, California, U.S.M.C Master Sgt. Rifle team, Viet Nam., Portuguese Ancestry, born in Hawaii
*Rev. Augusto F. Mendonca, 1918-2003, Lt. Commander WWII, Medal of Valor, Portuguese Ancestry, Azores. R.I.
*Leroy Mendonca, killed in Korean War, Congressional Medal of Honor
*Brothers Moraes, US Air Force Pilots, Steve, Jason and Eric
*Henrique Soares Nunes, Sargent. Commander Veteran’s foreign wars in Bellville & Catholic, Veterans’ State Service Officer of New Jersey, Parents born in Murtosa
*George Peters, WWII US Army Paratrooper , Medal of Honor, Portuguese Ancestry, Cranston, RI
*Louis Antonio Pires, Confederate Army, Son of Madeira Exiles
*Col. Antonio Henriques Rebelo, (USAF) Merit Medal, passed away,5/21/06, from Lourinha, 
*Lt. Colonel Alfred Francis Rose, US Army 28 years Cdr Paratroops, born RI ancestry from Azores, from Lourinha, 
*Artur Melo Da Silva Sanhudo, USS Seattle AOE-3 from 1971 -1975, Born in Murtosa, Portugal
*Richard J. Santos, National Commander American Legion, Born New Bedford, Portuguese parents
*Americo Sardo, General US Marine Corps, Born in Murtosa, Portugal
*France Silva, Congress Medal of Honor, 1901 (looking for pictures and info), Born CA, Portuguese ancestry
*H. C. Hank Stackpole II, Lt. General, USMC
*Paulo Sousa, Eng. UMD; US Navy Test Pilot, Portuguese Parents, France born

Served in Iraq

*Spc. Michael Andrade, 115th Military Police Co., RI National Guard, killed in Iraq
*Spc. Edmund Aponte, 115th Military Police Co., RI National Guard, injured in Iraq
*Captain Bryan Barroqueiro, Hercules C-130 Pilot, Active in Iraq (July 4, 2005)
*David Borges, 447th Military Police Battalion, M P Specialist Rank 
*Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq, Operation Homeland Defense - Portuguese
*Staff Sgt. Joseph M. Camara, 115th Military Police Co., RI National Guard, New Bedford police officer, killed in Iraq
*Sgt. Charles Caldwell, 115th Military Police Co., RI National Guard, killed in Iraq
*Major General John de Freitas III, Operation Iraq Freedom, 2005, Fort Belvoir, Virginia
*Sgt. Ronald Freitas USMC, Iraq and Somlia, San Jose, CA
*CPL. Thomas Freitas USMC, Iraq, San Jose, CA
*Robert M. Gaspar, Senior Master Sergeant, USAFR, Oklahoma, Portuguese father, served Iraq 2003
*Brian Oliveira, U.S. Marine, killed in Iraq
*SSG Scott C. Rose, 101st Abn Div - UH60 Crew Chief, killed in Tikrit, Iraq 7 NOV 2003
*Scott G. Rose, U.S. Marine, killed in Iraq
*Sandra Ruela, Air Force, Iraq Missions, Portuguese ancestry
*David & Brian Santos, Twins, R.I. National Guard active in Iraq, 2005, Portuguese parents, Kearny, N.J.
*David Marques Vicente, 2nd Battalion, 7th Marines, 1st Marine Div., killed in Iraq, parents from Lisbon
*Sargent Humberto Timóteo, New Jersey, National Guard (Vieiros), killed in Bagdad, Iraq (Estarreja)

Served in Afghanistan

*Jeremias Costa, Veteran of the war in Afghanistan
*Chad Gonsalves, Army sgt. killed in Afghanistan, Portuguese heritage, Turlock, CA
*Daniel Henrique Malho, Canadian Military wounded Afghanistan, Born Portugal
* Gershon Raposo, Portuguese ancestry, New England
* Anthony Rebelo, Portuguese ancestry, New England
*Joao Manuel Vaz, Portuguese linguist for army, OEF 2 in 2002 and 2003, Parents from Tras os Montes, Portugal

Served in the American Civil War

*Antonio Baptiste, Soldier, Portugal
*Judah Benjamim (b), Minister of War for General Lee, Civil War
*Major General John DeFreitas III, Seaman, Porto, Portugal
*Pauling Desanto, Soldier, Lisbon, Portugal
*Ricardo Domingos, Sergeant, Portugal
*José Melo de Freitas, Sailor, Vila Real
*Alberto Jardim, Soldier, Portugal
*Joaquim Jorge, Sailor, Nazaré, Portugal
*Joseph King, Soldier, Lisbon, Portugal
*José Maria Moreno, Sergeant, Portugal
*Joaquim Nunes, Sailor, Coimbra, Portugal
*Manuel Inacio Pereira, Steward

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