Distinguished Persons with Portuguese ancestry, by field of endeavor

Business Canada Entertainment Government Sports Medicine Education- Universities Literature
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*Xana Antunes, Assistant Editor, New York Post
*Frank Baptista, Radio announcer, producer, Cape Verde, Portuguese Ancestry
*Maria João Baptista, International Dept. Editor, NBC TV Network
*Greg Botelho, BA, Harvard U. CNN web editor (2005) , Portuguese Ancestry, S. Miguel, Azores
*Maria Cabral, (Radio) 1954-1961, UN Chairperson, Medal of Merit from the Portuguese Gov., Born Riberinha, Pico, Azores (CA)
*Antonio Alberto Costa, Medal of "Commentator", Voice of America, Radio & TV Entrepreneur, Radio Portugal
*Frank R. Dias, of Sacramento, California, Citizen of the year 2002. Port. Edu. Found, Community Leader, Award Port. Govern.
*Anthony Furtado, Cartoonist, Tween, Ehron, Portuguese Ancestry from Azores
*Deborah Garcia, TV Journalist in Orlando, Florida, Portuguese Parents
*Lee Gomes, Wall Street Journal, Professor and Reporter, Portuguese Ancestry
*Gigi Graciette, FOX 11 and UPN 13 news anchor in L.A., CA, Portuguese mother from Santarem
*Lionel Rocha Holmes, Community Activist, Journalist, California, Medal of Merit, 1997
*Vasco S. Jardim, Newspaper  Founder, Luos-Americano, Madeira Born
*Stuart Marques, Managing News Editor, New York Post
*Antonio Matinho, Publisher, Luso-Americano, Newark, NJ
*Christina Mendonca, news anchor News 10, Sacramento, CA, Portuguese Ancestry
*Jason Oliveira, Sportscaster for ABC, Fresno, CA - Portuguese Parents
*Pedro Pinto, CNN Sports Reporter, UNC, Born Lisbon, Portugal
*João Rocha, Newspaper, New Bedford, RI, Diario de Noticias - 1973
*Gil Santos, Sports Caster, Patriots, Community Services, New England, Portuguese Ancestry
*Todd Santos, NBC Weather man, UMASS, Lowell, Born Bristol, RI, Portuguese Ancestry
*Melissa Simas, KAIT TV Arkansas, Journalist, Portuguese Ancestry
*Patty Souza, KCRA 3 Weather Plus Meteorologist, Sacramento, CA, Ancestry, Azores Islands
*Pete Souza, White House official photographer, Portuguese Ancestry
*Batista S.Vieira, Owner, 3 Radio Stations, California


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