Distinguished Persons with Portuguese ancestry, by field of endeavor

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*Onsimo ´T. Almeida, Ph. D., Author / Writer - Brown U. Providence, RI, Azores Ancestry
*Carmelina Rio Borroz, Writer of Portuguese Pride & Pleasure, Portuguese Parents
*Joseph Bragal, Author, Portuguese Ancestry 
*Laurie Braga, Author, Portuguese Ancestry 
*José Brites, Professor, Counselor, Sculptor, (Portugal born), Pres. Peregrinação Pub. Rumford, RI
*Adalino Cabral, Ph.D., Educator from the Azores, S. Miguel, Boston area
*Manuel da Silveira Cardozo, Author, Portuguese in America (Chronology)
*Art Coelho, Writer, Big Timber, Montana
*Eduardo Mayone Dias, Ph. D., Professor & Writer (Lisbon born), Los Angeles, California
*Charles Reis Felix, Author "Through a Portagee Gate", New Bedford, Portuguese Parents
*Frank X. Gaspar, Associate Professor, "Leaving Pico", Poet, Author, Long Beach City College, CA, Portuguese Ancestry
*Geoffrey Gomes, Professor and Author, "As Far As the Eye Can See", Hayward University and Chabot College
*Ronald Joseph Goulart, Science Fiction and Mystery Author, New Bedford (1933)
*Emma Lazarus, Poet, Essayist, Portuguese Ancestry
*Linda Leuzzi, Writer, Journalist Author of "The Portuguese Boy", Portuguese Father 
*Sue Fagald Lick, Author, Azorean Dreams and others, Great Grandparents from the Azores
*Gloria de Melo, Author and Columnist, A minha mão esquerda
*George Monteiro, Author / Writer, Professor Brown University, Providence, RI
*Mordecai Manuel Noah, Playwright, journalist, Portuguese Ancestry
*John Roderigo dos (b) Passos, Author, Soldier, Born Chicago 1896, Madeiran Grandfather
*Sam Pereira, American Poet, Portuguese Ancestry
*Fernando dos Santos, Journalist/Author, Os Portuguese no Hawaii, Por quem os sinos não dobram
*Daniel Silva, Best Seller Author, Portuguese Adopted Parents
*Pete Souza, Author, Ronald Reagan, Photographer, Portuguese Ancestry from Azores
*Katherine Vaz, Ph.D., Professor & Writer, University of California at Davis



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