Distinguished Persons with Portuguese ancestry, by field of endeavor

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Legal Profession


*Antone Aguiar, Justice, Attleboro, Massachusetts
*John Almeida, New Jersey Supreme Court, 1997, Rutgers University, Fall River, MA - Azorean Ancestry
*Judah P. Benjamin, Lawyer & Politician, Portuguese Ancestry
*Bruce Botelho, Attorney General, State of Alaska
*Michael A. Botelho, former County Judge, Carroll County, Arkansas, Azores Ancestry
*Anthony Brazil **, Dist. Atty 1934, County Judge 1949, California
*Benjamin Cardozo, US Supreme Court, Judge
*Arthur A. Carrelas **, Justice, County Judge, Associate, New Bedford, 1950's
*Sandra Afonso Coira, Attorney, Portuguese Parents
*Armand Fernandes, J.D, Madeira ancestry, Bristol Judge, New Bedford, MA
*Thomas Francis Fraga, (1908-1971), Superior Court Judge, Martinez, CA, Portuguese Ancestry from Azores
*Joseph Freitas, Jr. **, District Attorney, San Francisco, CA
*Manuel Geraldo, Attorney, DC - PALCUS Board member, Portuguese Ancestry
*Maria Araujo Khan, Connecticut Supreme Court Judge, Portuguese Ancestry
*Marcia Silva Maltez, Attorney, Adjunct, Supreme Court - Middlesex, New Jersey, Portuguese Parents
*Nelson Monteiro, Municipal Court Judge, NJ, Portuguese Ancestry
*John B. Nunes **, Dukes County Judge, 3rd District Court Judge, Madeira Born, 1905
*Miguel Romao Palmeiro, Attorney, Maryland University, Portuguese Parents
*Victor Romao Palmeiro, Attorney, Portuguese Parents
*AnnaPereira, Municipal Judge, Newark, NJ, Portuguese Ancestry
*Philip Rivard-Rapoza, J.D., Judge, Chief Justice Appeals Court, Massachusetts
*Milton Silva, State Senator and Judge, Falls River, MA
*Frank M. Silvia, County Judge, Fall River, Azorean Parents, 1920's
*Sal Simao, Attorney, Portuguese Ancestry
*Cyrus Nils Tavares **, Attorney General, Hawaii, 1940
*Augusto C. Taveira **, County Judge, New Bedford, 1949
*John Teixeira, Municipal Judge, Madeira ancestry, Niagara Falls, New York
*Ernest C. Torres, U.S. District Judge, Rhode Island



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