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we are pleased to inform you about the following news of LSG - Lusophone Society of Goa:

"Recognizing publicly the historical legacy of Portugal in India. That is what counts". Luís Filipe Castro Mendes, former ambassador of Portugal in India, in a special message to LSG - Lusophone Society of Goa
The LSG - Lusophone Society of Goa asked Mr. Luís Filipe Castro Mendes, ambassador of Portugal in India between 2007 and 2010 and currently Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Portugal to the Council of Europe, to send a message to LSG relating his very personal experience in India.
Castro Mendes writes in his message "I saw fishermen of Goa with red and green flags in their ships escorting our training ship Sagres which was on an official visit to India following an invitation of the Indian Marine. They did it not because they dream of the return of the Portuguese caravels, but to publicly demonstrate that they did not want to deny the past. In fact, I have never heard the idea of denying the past expressed by any Indian authority in New Delhi, on the contrary I have heard the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh publicly recognizing the historical legacy of Portugal in India. And that is what counts."
Please read the Message in Portuguese here

Fomento Group of Goa in the process of starting mining operations in Brazil and Mozambique
As uncertainty continues over mining operations in the state, Goa's second largest iron ore exporter, the Fomento Group, has begun exploring other business opportunities outside the country and the state. The Fomento Group is in the process of starting mining operations in Brazil and Mozambique. "The operations will begin within two years," said Audhut Timblo, chairman and managing director of Sociedade de Fomento Industrial Pvt Ltd to the Times of India. Please read the article here

Lusophone Society of Goa co-organized in Panjim guided visit of the exhibition "António Xavier Trindade – a painter from Goa (1870-1935)"
A guided visit of the exhibition "António Xavier Trindade – a painter from Goa (1870-1935)" was organized at the premises of Fundação Oriente at Fontainhas, Panjim. The visit was conducted by the Delegate of the Fundação Dr. Eduardo Kol de Carvalho on 2nd January 2013  and was  organized by IGSG - Indo German Friendship Society Goa in collaboration with Fundação Oriente, as well as Indo Portuguese Friendship Society Goa, LSG -Lusophone Society of Goa, British Business Group Goa and Circolo Italiano Goa.
Please read more details and see the Gallery here

Brazilian delegation of Wushu soon in Goa
“I know some members of the India Wushu Federation, but have not had the opportunity to strengthen our relationship. I believe it would be of great importance for both entities” says Marcus Vinicius Alves, president of the Brazilian Kung Fu Wushu Confederation, in a exclusive interview to LSG – Lusophone Society of Goa. A Brazilian team of Wushu will come to Goa in November 2013 to participate in the third edition of the Lusophone Games.
Please read the full interview here
and the news published at the Confederation site here

Relic of St Francis Xavier touring Australia
“Just like the people of Goa who share an unbreakable bond with St Francis Xavier, the Catholic community in Australia will forever be blessed to have had St Francis enter into their lives during the Year of Grace” writes Juanita Shepherd, journalist of the Australian newspaper The Record in a special article for the site of LSG –Lusophone Society of Goa. The famous relic of the right arm of St Francis Xavier has toured Australia between 16 September and 3 December 2012.
Please read the complete interview here

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