Distinguished Persons with Portuguese ancestry, by field of endeavor

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*Helena Abrantes, City Council 2001, Danbury, CT
*Paul G. Afonso, Telecom. & Energy Chairman, Mass., 2003, Azorean Born
*Fred Aguiar, Politician, Administrator ®, S. Bernardin County, CA
*Irene Almedia, Director, Passaic Valley Commission
*Joseph S. Almeida, 20th. District - Providence, RI
*Ed Alves, City Council, CA
*Rosa Alves, Politician, Council, Kearney, NJ
*Stephen D. Alves, State Senator - District No. 19, Rhode Island
*Augusto Amador, Politician, City Council, New Jersey, 1998
*Annelle Claire Amaral, State Representative, Hawaii
*John Amaral, School Board, Providence, RI
*Curt Andre, Mayor, Turlock, CA
*Daniel Andrews, 2000 Town Administrator, North Smithfield, RI
*William (Guilherme Andrade) Andrews**, U.S. House of Representatives, Lawyer in MA. 1920's
*Ron Andrade, Chief of Police, Falls River, MA
*John M. Arruda **, Mayor Fall River, 1957
*Mary-JoAvellar, Selectmen and writer, Provincetown, MA
*Clarence Azevedo, Mayor - Sacramento, CA, 1959
*Carlos Baia, MS Umass; Urban Dev. Deerfield, FL, Portuguese Parents, New Bedford
*William San Bento, District No. 75- Pawtucket, RI
*Maria Beirão, Councilor - Hillside, NJ
*Sergio Bichao, Board of Education, Hillside, NJ, 18 year old, Portuguese Ancestry
*William Augusto Borba, S. San Francisco, California Mayor, 1971-1972, Also City Council, during the 1970's
*Lisa Gomes Boscola, Politician, PA State House,  18th District, Portuguese Ancestry, Valencia Minho
*Joseph H. de Bragga **, US Navy, Rep. Party Leader, 1866, Queens, NY 1904-1930
*Frank Brass, Workmen's Compensation Board, Commissioner, Attorney, Grandfather, S. Miguel, Azores
*Erma Brown, City Council, S. Amboy
*Andrea Cabral, First woman elected sheriff, Massachusetts, 2002
*Antonio F.D. Cabral, State Representative, New Bedford, Massachusetts, Pico, Azores
*Richard Cabral, Selectman, Killingworth, CT, Portuguese Ancestry
*William O. Cabral, Mayor of Stratford, CT, Azores Ancestry
*Steven A. Camara, City Council, Fall River, MA
*Ben Vieira Knighthorse Campbell, U.S. Senator (Portuguese mother), Colorado
*Albino Cardoza, Councilman 2009, Kearney, NJ, Portuguese Ancestry
*Benjamin Cardozo Sehpardi, Supreme Court Justice, Portuguese Ancestry
*Dennis Cardoza, Congressman - Merce, NJ, CA House
*Elmer de Carvalho, Speaker House of Representatives, Hawaii, Azores Parents
*Romeo Cascaes, Former Mayor, Freehold Township, NJ, Township Town Clerk
*Tony R. Cordeiro, mayor of Cerritos, CA, Portuguese Parents
*Debora Coelho, Municipal Council, New Bedford, Portuguese Ancestry
*Raymond C. Coelho, State Representative, Rehobeth, MA
*Tony (Anthony Lee) Coelho. Politician, Ex-Congressman, CA, 1987-1989
*Thomas Cordeiro, Councilman, East Hampton, CT, 2001, Rep. Party, Born RI of Portuguese Parents
*Robert Correia, State House, Fall River, MA
*John F. Correia, Senator, RI District 42, 1983 - 1992, President Pro Temp
*George R.Costa, Selectman - Town of Mashpee, MA, Portuguese Grandparents
*James Manuel Costa, State Senator, CA
*Jim Costa, U.S. Congressman 2004, CA
*Michael Costa, Sheriff, CA
*Alberto Coutinho, Assemblyman Dist. 29, New Jersey, 1997
*E.H. (Cristiano) **Christian, State Senator, CA, 1920's
*Edward Cruz, Businessman & Holmdell Mayor, New Jersey, Portugal
*Tina Cruz, Municipal Councilor, (Lawyer), South River, NJ (1999)
*James P. DeMattos, Mayor of Bellingham, Washington, Businessman, Early 1900's - Father from Madeira
*Arthur Ferreira Desrocher, Politician, Mayor, Nantucket, MA, Senator
*Eduardo Dias Politician, Board of Education, 1999, Elizabeth, NJ
*Jacinto F. Diniz **, House of Representatives, (S. Miguel, Azores), 1940's MA
*Edgar M. Duarte, Vice President of Governmental Affairs, DCMC, Portuguese Parents
*John Dutra, Congressman, CA House
*W. Enos, State Senator - District No. 42, RI
*Robert Esteves, City Council President, Bloomingdale, New Jersey, Portuguese Ancestry, Minho
*Joseph L. Faria, District No. 72 Central Falls
*Manuel Faria, State Representative, Fall River, MA
*Joseph Francis, Former Senator MA, Portuguese Ancestry
*Mindy Fraqosa, City Council, Nauqatuck
*John Fernandes, Town Council, Milford MA, Portuguese Ancestry
*Maria Fernandes, Councilor - Sea Bright, NJ
*Manny Figueiredo, Councilman 2009, Union, NJ, Portuguese Ancestry
*William Flanagan, Fall River, MA Mayor 2009, Portuguese Ancestry, Azores
*Mary L. Fonseca, State Senator - Fall River, MA
*Armando Fontoura, Sheriff, re-elected 2003, NJ
*Joseph Fortes, City Councilor, New Bedford, MA
*Donald P. Freitas, 2000 Councilman - Antioch, CA, Madeira Grandparents
*David Furtado, City Council 2001, Danbury, CT

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