Distinguished Persons with Portuguese ancestry, by field of endeavor

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  • * Leonor Simas-Almeida, Brown University, Gavea Brown Advisor
  • * Manuela Araujo, University of Toronto, Gavea Brown Advisor
  • * Dr. Horacio Arruda, Chief Medical Officer of Health for Québec, Parents born in Azores
  • * Prof. Aida Baptista, Ph. D., Dept. of Spanish/Portuguese, University of Toronto
  • * Armando Barqueiro, Journalist, Voz de Portugal Community,  Businessman, Awarded the distinction of Comendador
  • * Alain J. P. Belda, Chairman & Chief Exec. Officer of Alcoa Aluminio S.A., Portuguese Ancestry
  • * Irene Maria Ferreira Blayer, Ph. D., Professor, Brock University, Ontario, Azorean Ancestry
  • * Anthony Boneca, Killed in Afhaganistan served Canadian Military, Portuguese Parents
  • * Suzana Da Camara, Jazz vocalist & composer, Azores
  • * Suzy Casimiro, Ph. D., Researcher, Thesis Portuguese Crossroads in Australia, Born in Toronto of Portuguese
  • * Keshia Chanté, teen pop singer, Portuguese Ancestry
  • * José Mario Coelho, Radio-TV Personality, Community Active, Toronto
  • * Evalina Cordeiro-McEachern, City Council, Aurora City, Ontario, Born in Toronto of Azorean parents
  • * Paulo da Costa, author/writer/  Literary Magazine, General Editor of The Filling Station
  • * Shawn Desman, Canadian pop/R&B singer, Portuguese Ancestry
  • * Tony Dionisio, Syndicate Leader, Local 183, Labour Int'l Union of North America
  • * John Elias, Professor and GE Coordinator, Humber College, Ontario
  • * Carlos de Faria, MPP, Member of Provincial Parliament, Mississauga East,  Citizenship
  • * Christine Ferreira, Elected School Trustee, Toronto District School Board
  • * Paul Ferreira, Ontario Member of Parliament, Born in the Azores
  • * Peter M. Ferreira, Comm. Volunteer, President Portuguese C. National Congress, Mississauga Public Library, Chair
  • * Peter Fonseca, Minister of Tourism, Born Lisbon, Portugal
  • * Nelly Furtado, Pop singer - Grammy award winner., Vancouver & Toronto
  • * Anthony Gomes, Musician - Guitarist – Blues, Toronto, Portuguese Father, Cdn. Mother
  • * Prof. Ilda Januario, M. Sc., Anthropology, U of T, McGill, Montreal & Toronto
  • * Carlos Leitão, Finance Minister of Quebec
  • * Justin Louis, Actor, Toronto, Portuguese ancestry
  • * Daniel Henrique Malho, Canadian Military, Born Portugal
  • * Keith Martin, MP. Federal Canada Government (British Columbia), Portuguese ancestry
  • * Steve Martins, NHL Hockey Player - Hull Quebec , Harvard University Graduate, Azores
  • * Manuela Marujo, Ph. D., Professor at the University of Toronto, Department of Spanish & Portuguese
  • * Martinho Medeiros, MA, Political Analyst, Ontario Gov. (MP 2004), Portuguese Ancestry, Azores
  • * Brian Melo, Winner of Canadian Idol season five, São Miguel, Portugal Ancestry
  • * Arthur Mendonca, Canadian fashion designer, Azores
  • * Luis Miranda, First Elected Mayor of Portuguese Ancestry, City of Anjou, Quebec,
  • * Bill Moniz, television producer & director, Born Portugal
  • * Mario A. Monteiro (PhD), Professor at the University of Guelph (Guelph, Ontario), Portuguese Ancestry
  • * Cesar de Morais, Justice - Ontario Court of Justice, Toronto, Ontario
  • * Ana Nunes, Council Outremont, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Portuguese Ancestry
  • * Fernando Nunes, Ph. D., Assist. Professor Mount Sinai University, Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • * Nellie Pedro, Elected School Trustee, Toronto District School Board
  • * Professor Victor M. Pinheiro, Professor U. Montreal, Architecture and Design
  • * Keanu Reeves, Actor, Portuguese Ancestry
  • * Mike Ribeiro, NHL Hockey Player Montreal Canadiens, Born in Quebec of Portuguese Parents
  • * Jose Carlos Rodrigues, Author, Portuguese Ancestry
  • * Victor M.P. da Rosa, Ph. D., Sociologist & Professor, U. of Ottawa, Ottawa, ON
  • * Isabel dos Santos, Council Plateau, Montreal, Quebec, Canada,  Portuguese Ancestry
  • * Mario J. Santos, Lawyer and Elected School Trustee, Winnipeg Board of Education
  • * Nelson Santos, Mayor, Kingsville, Ontario, Portuguese Ancestry, Fatima
  • * Sid Seixeiro, News TV Anchor Scores TV Network (2005), Portuguese Parents
  • * Ana Maria Silva, Bachelor in fine arts a M.Ed.in education, Université de Montreal, Concordia
  • * Mario Silva, MP, Federal Canada Government (Ontario); Toronto, Born in Portugal
  • * Lucas Silveira, singer/guitarist of rock band The Cliks, Portuguese Ancestry
  • * Prof. Elvino Sousa, Ph. D., Electrical & Computer Engineering, University of Toronto
    *Charles Sousa, Finance Minister of Ontario
  • * Charles Sousa, MBA. Ex-Pres. FPCBP, RBC Senior Manager, Ontario MP Parliament, Portuguese parents from Nazare
  • * John Sousa, Professor of Psychology, Humber College, Ontario
  • * Maria Teresa Linhares de Sousa, Judge, Superior Court of Justice, Ontario
  • * David Tavares, Entrepeneur, Teleconnect, Globe Star, Canada Pure, Born in Portugal
  • * John Tavares (ice hockey), Canadian junior ice hockey player, Portuguese Ancestry
  • * John Tavares (lacrosse), Pro lacrosse player, Portuguese Ancestry
  • * Tony Tavares, Sports, President of Montreal Expos, Portuguese Ancestry
  • * José Carlos Teixeira, Ph. D., Author, Professor of Geography at Univ. of Toronto, Author of several books
  • * Erika de Vasconcellos (b), Author, My Darling Dead Ones, M. Queridos Mortos, Toronto, Portuguese ancestry
  • * Eduardo Viana, Elected School Trustee, Oakville Catholic School Board
  • * Joaquim (Kim) J. Vicente, Ph. D., Professor University of Toronto, Inventor, Born in Lisbon,  Mechanical Engineering
  • * Steven Vitoria, Pro soccer player, Plays for Portugal


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