Distinguished Persons with Portuguese ancestry, by field of endeavor and last name
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Activity Notes
Anthony F. Andrade Businessman, Community Portuguese Born
Patrick Monteiro de Barros Businessman - Oil Industry - Cattle Born in France, Portuguese parents
Alan Belda Alcoa CEO Portuguese Ancestry
Pedro Belo Community, Banking, Philantropy Born in Portugal
Mariano S. Bishop (Bispo) ** Textile Workers Union VP 1952
Michael Botelho ** Textile Workers Union VP 1953
Bernardino Coutinho Newark, Portugal Day Foundation Bernardino Coutinho, NJ
Victor do Couto (S.Miguel, Azores) Exec. Director, MAPS; MIRA, Boston Cambridge, MA
Evaristo Cruz Sr. Businessman, Order of Merit Cantanhede, Portugal, New Jersey
Eduardo Cruz Businessman, Community, Philantropy Portuguese Parents
Frank Cunha III Architect President AIA 2009 Portuguese Parents
Isaac Delgado (b)  Founder of New Art New Orleans
Tom Faria Entrepreneur, Engineer, Inventor New London, CT - Madeira Ancestry
John Henry Felix Entrepreneur, Honorary Consul Hawaii
Anthony Fernandes ARCO, Philip SC, CEO Father from Carregal do Sal
Daniel Fernandes (footballer) goalkeeper Greek football club PAOK FC Portuguese Ancestry
Jose Bento  Fernandes Sugar, Rum, Real Estate, Trinidad & Tobago Madeira, Philantropy to USA and Portugal
Joseph Fernandes Madeira born Entrepreneur Philanthropy - Norton, MA, 1976
Antonio Frias Industrial, Hudson, MA Skyscraper Concrete Contractors
Augusto Gomes Businessman - Banker - Lusitania Portugal
Manny Gomes Pilot (Avila Simas) California
Teresa Simões Ferreira Heinz Chairperson Heinz Foundation Wife US Senator John Kerrey, MA
Alan Martinez (Trigueiro) Architect, San Francisco, California Ancestry from Azores. Santa Maria, CA
Evan Sabino Medeiros, Ph.D. Political Scientist, RAND Corporation Grandparents, São Miguel, Azores
Michael Mendes Diamond Nuts CEO Portuguese Ancestry
Roger Mendes Businessmand Portuguese Ancesty
Gilberto Nobrega TV Cameraman, Major Networks  Azores, Providence, RI
Maria Monet Finances New York
Miguel Monteiro Pilot-Captain Continental Airlines
Robert J. Morgado Businessman, Chairman/CEO Warner Music Group, Hawaii
William L. Pereira ** Studio Designer Architect
Wendell Perry Businessman, MBA Portuguese ancestry
Joseph Perry, Jr. Businessman, Political Counselor Azorean parents
Manuel L. Ponte Publishing & Book Distribution born São Miguel, Azores
Maria Isilda Ribeiro Made US flag placed on the Moon Sousa, Vagos, Portugal
Antonio José Ribeiro da Rocha (b) Owned most of Hollywood Real Estate Arrived in LA in 1815
Alfredo dos Santos Philanthropy Portugal
Domitilia dos Santos, VP Smith Barney Honored Order of Commendatory,  (MP 2004) Born in Algarve
João Santos, Ph.D. Boston University FED senior Economist, (MP 2004), Azores born
Antonio Seabra, Seabras SuperMarkets Honored by Portuguese Government Commendatory Order of Merit
Gerson Mendes Seixas (b) Wrote to George Washington Thanks for the right to freedom and religion
Antonio Leal da Silva Businessman, Azores Sylvia & Perry Ship Supply Co.
Joe A. Silva Portuguese Pioneer in California Born San Miguel, Azores
John Silva. PhD Chief Economist at Wachovia, Professor  US Senate Joint Economic Committee
Maria Hortencia Silveira Entrepreneur Honored by the California Senate, 98
José Manuel Do Rosario Toscano CEO & Director of ITSO, Member of Broadband Commission for Digital Developement Born Lisbon, Portugal
Luis Tormenta Construction Planning Committee Portugal
Judah Touro (b) Founder of Hospital Touro New Orleans, 1854
Fred Vierra TCI VP Colorado 1996
William Madison Wood American Woolen Co. Lawrence, MA Industrialist of the early 1900's




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