The Portuguese Making of America

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First Edition
424 Pages
Glossy Cover with original painting.
Over 1000 footnotes plus hundreds of references in the bibliography section and more than 100 illustrations and graphics, along with charts and pages of historical and chronological reference and more than a 1000 names
and their possible origins for genealogy study purposes.

The Portuguese Making of America:
The Melungeons and Other Groups

   Early American history before the 17th century is rather vague. The 15th and 16th centuries are often called the lost or forgotten centuries in American history

   The author has painstakingly done a lengthy research on the attempts of one particular group to settle in North America since the early 15th century. The Portuguese people are one the oldest European group of settlers, probably the first to arrive in this continent and permanently settle among the natives in a peaceful manner. This book follows their quest for a better life in the New World and of other groups who consider themselves Portuguese, such as the Melungeons of the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia.

   Manuel Mira, who was born in Portugal and lives in the Appalachians, has been able to identify with these forgotten groups. His research has brought to light for the first time some of the missing pieces in the Melungeon puzzle.  His work also presents several aspects of American and Portuguese history. The author has lived for extensive periods of time in three continents. This has given him considerable knowledge of the different groups of people with whom the Portuguese have integrated. His love for history and deep interest in social and community affairs gave him an opportunity to compile many years of experience and research into a book that will be a welcome addition to any library. Manuel Mira married to Lurdes for over 40 years, have a son and daughter and six beautiful grandchildren. Manuel is also the Chairman of an electronic manufacturing firm and as a hobby writes for Portuguese newspapers.


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