Portuguese Passenger Ship Lists

A data base is under construction, and we expect to have the names of Portuguese passengers that have come to the new world since the 16th century. During the 19th century, lists such as the ones shown below are easily available.

The information below has been reproduced from this web site: www.dholmes.com/ships.html. We suggest a visit to this web site for more information.

More ships lists may be searched at The Compass--Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild: istg.rootsweb.com/newcompass/pcindex.html


Arrivals of Portuguese to North-America before the 18th Century

1492 With Columbus: João Areias from Algarve, Portugal
1539 With Hernando de Soto: André de Vasconcellos, Álvaro Afonso, João Álvares de Valverde, Abião Lopes, Gavião Lopes, Manuel de Torres, Simão Rodrigues do Marão, Mem Roiz Pereira, Domingo Sardinha, Fernão Pegado, Estevão Pegado and Antonio Martins Segurado
1560/6 Diogo de Ferreira from Porto, Portugal
1560/6 Francisco Gil from Lisbon, Portugal
1560/6 Francisco Merida de Molina and his wife Guiomar Pereira from Lisbon, Portugal
1566 With Pedro Menéndes de Aviles: Antonio Pereira, a native of Porto, Portugal
1578/85 Diogo Martins from Campo Maior, Portugal
1578/85 Leonor Nunes, Bartolomeu Garcia, Isabel Soares, Bartolomeu Fernandes, all from Evora, Portugal


Passenger Ships Arriving at the Port of New York

Ship Name Arrival Date
SS Vega from Açores 11 Jul 1891 istg.rootsweb.com/1800/vega910711.html


Passenger Ships Arriving at the Port of New Bedford, Massachusetts

Ship Name Arrival Date
E.B. Sawyer 23 jan 1855
E.A. Lowd 2 Jul 1857
Medford 15 Jun 1860
Fred Gray 12 Nov 1877
Moses Knowlton 11 Oct 1878
Mississippi 13 Aug 1879
Veronica 1 May 1881
Veronica 6 Apr 1882
Brig Aristos 28 Jun 1883
Veronica 17 Jul 1883
Veronica 13 Jan 1884
Veronica 21 Jul 1884 (questionable year)
Veronica 21 Jul 1885
Spring Bird 30 Apr 1886 (with Brava, Cape Verde passengers)
Moses B. Tower 7 May 1886
Bogata 19 May 1886 (with Brava, Cape Verde passengers)
Moses B. Tower 5 May 1887
Moses B. Tower 24 Jul 1887
Raposa Do Mar 29 Apr 1890 (with Brava, Cape Verde passengers)
Raposa Do Mar 21 Apr 1891 (with Brava, Cape Verde passengers)
Rebecca J. Evans 15 May 1891 (with Brava, Cape Verde passengers)
Forest Fairy 9 Jun 1891 (with Brava, Cape Verde passengers)
Moses B. Tower 20 Jul 1891


These ships to New Bedford during the years 1893-1896 are comprehensive

Olinda (from S.Miguel)
Olinda (from Fayal)
Carolina 16 Jun 1896 (with Brava, Cape Verde passengers)


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