Distinguished Persons with Portuguese ancestry, by field of endeavor

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Entertainment & Art

  • * Abilio Oliveira Aguas, Fig. Foz, Scrimshaw artist, guest of John Kennedy
    * Krista Allen, Model, Portuguese Ancestry
    * Antonio Jacques de  (b), Almeida, Maestro for the Moscow Symphonic Orchestra, Founder Symphonic Mit of Boston
    * Bruno de Almeida, Movie producer, (LA 2004), Portuguese ancestry, New York
    * Joaquim de Almeida, Actor, Harrison Ford Film, etc.
    * Dennis Alves, Trumpet player, Boston Symphony, Central Falls, RI
    * Joseph E. Alves, Jr., Motion Picture Designer & Producer, Jaws, Etc., Portuguese parents, USC, Cuinard Institute
    * Bob Amaral, Actor Broadway, Portuguese Ancestry
    * Pat Amaral, Writer, Author, "They Ploughed the Seas", (1978)
    * Peter Amaral, Professional Musician, Portuguese Ancestry
    * Mary,  Astor,  Actress  1906-1987, Portuguese Great Grandfather, Illinois, Vasconsellos - Madeira exiles
    * Carlos Avalon, Singer, Las Vegas, Faial, Azores
    * Michael Beach, Actor Third Watch, Cape Verde ancestry
    * Raul Benevides, Radio & Community Personality, Comendador, Fall River, MA
    * Busbee Berkley, Hollywood Choreographer, Enos, Portuguese Ancestry
    * Nuno Bettencourt, Musician, Extremes group, Hudson, MA, from the Azores
    * Ray Bolger, Actor, Scarecrow in Wizard of Oz, Portuguese Ancestry
    * Brooke Burke, Journalist, Model,  Host Wild On - UCLA Broadcast, Portuguese Mother
    * Brannon Braga, Movie writer, Star Trek Generations, Paramount Pictures
    * Charles (Senor Carlos), Cambra, Magician & Dice Stackers, Portuguese Ancestry
    * Mario Carvalho, CBS TV Cameraman, 2 Emmies, War Coverage
    * Tommy Castro, Jazz, Blues Singer. (2005), Portuguese Parents
    * Steven Correia, Sculptor Artist, glass, etc., San Diego High School w/ his name
    * Antonio Alberto Costa, Radio & Community Personality, Pioneer, voice of America, Infante D. Henrique Medal
    * Joaquim (Jack)  (b)Costa, Stage Choreographer, founder Dance Academy of Hollywood
    * Mike Costa, writer/Producer, Portuguese Ancestry, Cape Verde
    * Cindy Silva Costner, Wife, (1958-), Kevin Costner
    * James  (Jimmy Rodrick) Cunha, Magician, born in Portugal
    * Dorothy DeBorba , Child Actor, Our Gang, Little Rascals series, 1930s, Portuguese Azorean Ancestry
    * Hal De Forrest, Silent Film Actor, Born in Portugal
    * Frank Delima, Comedian, Portuguese Ancestry
    * Phil Demmel, Guitar Player - Metal Head, Portuguese Ancestry
    * Joe DeRita, "Curly" Three Stooges, Portuguese Ancestry
    * Buddy DeSylva, Songwriter, movie producer, co-found Capitol Records, Portuguese Ancestry
    * Edmund Dinis, President Radio Globo WJFD-FM, DA, (S. Miguel, Azores), New Bedford, MA, 1960's
    * Samantha Eggar, Actress, Portuguese Ancestry, mothers side
    * Louise Fazenda **,Actress, Screen
    * Richard Fernandes, Producer and Director, Disney's Sesame Street, Nickelodeon
    * Richardo Fernandes, Emmy Award 2001 Television, Madeira Ancestry
    * Fr. Stephen  Fernandes, Magic Collector & Historian, Pastor, Portuguese Ancestry, Fall River, MA
    * Hugo Ferreira, Rock Musician, band Tantric, Portuguese Ancestry
    * Jorge Ferreira, Singer, songwriter, producer, Portuguese American
    * Peter Ferreira, violinist, Waterbury, Connecticut, Portuguese Parents
    * Patricia Ford, model, porn star, portuguese ancestry
    * James Franco, actor, (Spiderman) director and film producer, Portuguese Ancestry
    * Bobby Gentry, C & W Singer / composer, Portuguese Ancestry
    * Anthony Gomes, Musician, Urban Records, Toronto born
    * Mario Gonçalves, Actor, The Hughleys, ABC TV Network
    * Paul Gonçalves, Musician, Duke Wellington Band, Portuguese Ancestry
    * Steve Gonslaves, TAPS tech manager, Sci-Fi's "Ghost Hunters", Portuguese Ancestry
    * Thomas (Tom) Jeffrey  Hanks , Actor (Fraga Descendant) 1956-, 1872 Portuguese Pioneers
    * Elbert Joseph "Bertie" Higgins, Adult-contemporary singer - songwriter, Portuguese Ancestry
    * Don Ho, Entertainer, Hawaii
    * Bobby Justin, Singer & Movie Actor, Fall River, MA
    * Vincent Lopez, Musician, Band Leader, 1920 to 1960, Portuguese Ancestry, 1975, NY Times
    * Emeril Legasse, TV Chef, Honorary Doctor degree, UMass-Dartmouth, Portuguese Ancestry, born Fall River, MA
    * Francis Madeira, Maestro, Rhode Island Symphony, Philadelphia
    * Vanessa (Barrigas) Marcil, Actress, Melrose Place, Portuguese Father
    * Tony Martin, Producer, actor, radio show, Portuguese Ancestry
    * Fausto Mathias, Choreographer, Prize winner, Modern dances, NY
    * Carlos de Mattos, Movie Industry, Mathews Studio, Twice an Oscar winner, (ET), Angola
    * Ryan McCormack, Music Producer, Portuguese Mother
    * Danica McKellar, Actress, "Wonder Years" , Portuguese Ancestry
    * Glenn Medeiros, Singer (808) 923-7469, Polynesian Palace, Hawaii
    * Joe Medeiros, Director, Tonight Show Jay Leno, NBC Network, NY
    * Tony Medeiros, Professional Musician, Portuguese Ancestry
    * Rod de Medicis **,Rodrigo Nobrega Pinto de Medicis, Movie Actor, Northern Portugal
    * Rebert S. de Mello, Honolulu Symphony Conductor, Azores, 1935 - music educator -d 1966
    * Susan Mello, Opera singer, soprano from Fall River, MA., Parents S. Miguel, Azores

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